Resin Infusion Timelapse

Hey everyone. Its been faaaaaarrrrr too long since I added any content on here. I’ve been concentrating on personal and business stuff for a while but things are finally starting to settle back down a bit and I hope to get back to making posts every now and then. I plan to make more original content. If you go back through all our old posts I did lean on some other great videos to get you up to speed and going. I’ve been tinkering with video in some other aspects so plan to get a few more videos out. As mentioned in the video intro, I don’t go into a ton of detail about the specific setup in this video. Its just a cool video. Both parts were infused off the same pump with a few “T’s” in the lines. You can check out that vacuum pump here, or click the link below. It has plenty of power to infuse the upper and lower in one shot, granted you have proper inlet and outlet line setups. Enjoy!