Making a Part From an Existing Plug

I get asked to make parts all the time. I'm in the automotive area so hoods, trunks, doors, stuff like that. I always have to try and roughly explain the process so the person doesn't think I am throwing out some in sane number just for fun. Turning a part into carbon fiber (or a fiberglass part even) is a very very technical and time consuming process. Its not uncommon for a mold to be in the range of three to ten times the cost of the part pulled from it. It all depends on the part and final product. I believe customer education is huge, so the customer knows what he or she is getting. Hence why I started this website. So over time, I can point customers to blog posts on here to better explain certain scenarios. It may be a little advanced for the beginner, but I think it would be good to jump in to get a whole start to finish overview. Then you can always go back and get extra technical on individual steps.

Todays post is the first part of a three part series on turning a hood into carbon fiber. I have no affiliation with the creators of the video, Easy Composites, but I do know a good video when I see one. There are a decent amount of good videos online on creating composites, but unfortunately there are way more terrible ones. It wouldn't be worth my time to try and reinvent the wheel and make my own video so I hope you enjoy this one. Its a tad long, but very informative. Also, its worth noting that I do not use their materials as they are in the UK, so its cost prohibitive for me, but the steps are what matters.

Thanks for watching. I'll get part 2 and part 3 up soon!